Providing instant value to many people online has never been easier than it is today. This was also compounded by social networking platforms that literally introduced us to new realms overnight. As a result, many millionaires are made every day. You may have heard the terms “new money”, “newcomer”, “digital economy”, and so on. For example, when I really realized the power of Instagram, I was blown away. In 5 minutes, just posting 1 post with entrepreneurial speech and specific hashtags, I was able to instantly talk to other entrepreneurs on 3 different continents!

But how can you and I be self-sufficient to start a lucrative online company?

7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Online Company

1. Passion and clarity

We need to be motivated by emotion. We need to know why we want to start an online company first. For me, I am passionate about freedom and choice. I really needed a way to make money without referring to a job that forced me to work on a crippling routine. I was interned for 10 years when I was little, and that was enough to discover that I wasn’t feeling well in the routine. Then my work life began and I realized how much I control what I want to do. Be very clear about what drives you to start an online company.

2. Objectives

The internet space is comparable to a bustling street market; Many people, all want to be seen and heard. Clearly define your goals i.e. passive income, time freedom, geographic freedom or even one of my favorite things, financial freedom. Then go ahead and start building a business with those clear goals in mind.

3. Reconsider what you know about the internet

Being profitable online can bring a lot of freedom, but it is not an immediate success. There is a lot of learning and re-education that needs to happen. For me that was like learning a new “language”. I knew the Internet very casually. It was a place where I spent my free time looking for music videos, posting random posts on Facebook, and watching the news I didn’t need to know. I had to change my beliefs and my mindset which led to everything I thought I knew about the internet.

4. Focus on adding value

People buy from people they think they know, love, and trust. How tempting it is to think that people are waiting in line to tell them what they need or not, most people online are looking to solve real, sometimes very painful problems.


5. Master the art of marketing

Find a way to reach as many people as possible who have serious problems that need to be fixed with your quality proven product or service online.


6. The power of faith

Trust that it is possible for you. Before I started online, I only sold personal electronic devices that I wanted to get rid of through ebays and gumtrees. However, I’ve heard of people making millions of dollars online … but then came the day when I thought about my first online business. I had to face my own doubts. You have to answer the following question very honestly:

Eddie, “Do you really think you can make money online?”

If you are reading this today, it will definitely be the most important question you will ask yourself as an internet entrepreneur.

7. Leadership and Planning Groups

You heard the saying, “We become what we think about all day.” Thoughts cause us to behave in a certain way, which then leads to some outcome in our lives. To succeed, we must think in a certain way and act in a certain way so that we can get the results we want. With this in mind, we need to spend a lot of time with people who want the same results and with those who have already generated them.

Fine thought

In the end, all we really want is a more satisfying life experience, right? Money is good, really very good, because it creates possibilities. Oh what a beautiful word! Option. Because money is not a problem, we are free to choose and continue whatever experience we want.